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Trend Micro Internet Security + TrendSecure

Trend Micro Internet Security™ (PC-cillin™) and TrendSecure are the perfect combination, providing powerful and effective protection against viruses and other Internet security threats.

+ = Total Protection

Trend Micro Internet Security - Now Certified for Windows Vista™

Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 box

Trend Micro Internet Security comprehensively safeguards your computers, home networks and personal identity. Email, shop, share pictures, bank, and instant message, confident this award-winning security software helps prevent malicious attacks and reduces time-consuming interruptions. Best of all, a single copy of Trend Micro Internet SecurityTrend Micro can be used on up to three computers, so you can protect your entire family.

Trend Micro Internet Security identifies and automatically removes known viruses and spyware; filters annoying spam; warns about unauthorized wireless network access; blocks objectionable content; and identifies fraudulent phishing scams.

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TrendSecure - Free!

Every subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security comes with FREE access to TrendSecure, a suite of online security tools that is always being updated and expanded. It currently includes Remote File Lock and Trend Micro Mobile Security, as well as the free online tools HouseCall and Transaction Guard.

A Dad Speaks Up

"At home I have a 17 year old daughter who will download anything and everything and does not understand the probability of Internet viruses and adware. ...This product gives me a great deal of security for all of our computers, including my laptop that I use at home for work at the office."
- Gary Rowe

Trend Micro Internet Security Key Features

Antivirus Security

Detects and removes viruses and the latest threats from your emails, Internet downloads, removable media and PCs. Automatic updates immunize your security system against the newest virus outbreaks.

Spyware Protection

Blocks and removes spyware, adware, grayware, and root kits, a new type of deep-hiding invader.

Personal Firewall

Blocks hackers and network viruses from attacking your home network.

Fraud Defense

Protects you from on-line phishing scams designed to steal credit card and bank account numbers. Configures easily and notifies you of the latest Web-site risk .

Wi-Fi Wireless Protection

Safeguards against unauthorized users invading your wireless home network.

Home Network Control

Manages, configures and updates security for every PC on your network, with an easy-to-use management console.

Covers Three Computers

A single copy of Trend Micro Internet Security can be used on up to three computers per household, so you can protect your entire family.

Expert Recommended

"I know of only one commercial product, Trend Micro™ Internet Security 2005, that monitors wireless connections, alerting you whenever someone new tries to join your network or your network changes suddenly. That's one reason Trend Micro Internet Security is our current antivirus Editors' Choice."
— CNET, January 28, 2005


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